COiCO#02_SLip introduces René Apallec

SLip is a french artist who has wanted to be part on COiCO by introducing René Apallec’s artwork.

This is what SLip had to say about Apallec together with some of his collages:

Probably, René Apallec was born in the last decade of the 19th century in the French region Bolbec. In 2007, there were discovered a hundred of collages with his signature in an attic of Toulouse. We don’t have much information about his life. Did he work as aidman in the First World War? There doesn’t exist any document confirming this… It is possible that he lived two years in Le Havre before he found his love in Toulouse.

René Apallec worked out great part of his creations secretly and has always negated to expose his collages – especially the series « Feathered mythology » and « Gueules Cassées »[colloquial French expression for war invalids in the First World War, especially the ones with facial injuries] that he considered as politically incorrect… His collages are abound in references to the cinema, poetry, ancient myths, politics, war…
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Collages by SLip from the project The Marechal Lapin

You can learn more about SLip by visiting his website: