COiCO#03_Jorge Chamorro introduces Isabel Reitemeyer

Jorge Chamorro is a collage artist from Spain who currently lives in Berlin. He is our third contributor to COiCO, introducing for the ocassion Isabel Reitemeyer’s atwork.

Chamorro about Reitemeyer:

How to say everything with almost nothing? That’s the mistery of art and communication. And that’s what Isabel makes with her collages, in my humble opinion, at least.

Her work is direct, rough, radical and simple. Her collages have the irony and the spontaneous energy of Dada and punk, her art seems unplanned, fast and impulsive (and I think it is), but done by someone who knows what is doing. This simplicity lives together many times with rich painted textures, usually white. The work of the textures is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Pasted paper and painting are in a perfect balance as white and black are set in solid compositions. The collages of Isabel are those than when you see them in a computer screen you want to see them alive. And I’ve had the honor to see them alive and I can say they win a lot. Just to see the white backgrounds is a pleasure.

But if the work of Isabel has something above everything, it is expressivity. It talks to the belly more than to the brain, it tells emotions more than stories, it makes you feel more than thinking, it suggests questions more than giving answers. It makes you stop and watch, and that’s a lot.


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To finish this entry, let’s enjoy some of Jorge’s collages

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