COiCO#04_espacios-parentesis introduces Fred Free

Gemma’s beautiful words about Fred Free’s artwork + Gemma’s choice on Fred’s collages + Fred’s choice on Gemma’s collages = Superb COiCO’s entry!

“Fred Free or the art of finding things”

 (by Gemma, a.k.a. espacios-parentesis)


If I dared to use just one word to define Fred Free’s work, that word would be haiku.

Not only Fred’s work has the subtle, challenging and elegant simplicity of those poems, but also, and above all, likewise a limited number of words are used in a haiku to lighten a complete universe of unsaid sensations, I see Fred’s work as an acupunctural glue process, aiming to “Free” the voice of the found object he is gluing on. He works with negative space, with what is not there, pointing at its absence, bringing it to a presence.tumblr_mm4rv9rMoA1qzyu2xo1_1280…..

(…)Cut doors and windows for a room;

It is the holes which makes it useful.

Therefore benefit comes from what is there;

Usefulness from what is not there.(…)

Tao Te ching chapter 11


Then the dialogue starts. A dialogue between the found and the added, both of them talking to an active spectator. Continually in-process. A process which starts when he finds something. (“I love finding things” says Fred Free, but I guess, somehow, he also loves losing them, and there is the continuance). A large part of his work gets “installed in various locations”. From magnetic words on street signs to index cards placed in library books, also collages on found tags left on the street. The whole thing becomes a sort of “metacollage” interacting with urban space, modifying territories. Ready to be found to continue the endless talk…

ffJ_-_accredited_resources collage on found book pages 2011

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